What is the Huntley Hills Education Foundation?

The Huntley Hills Education Foundation (HHEF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 2014 to enhance the education of Huntley Hills Elementary and Montessori School students. Working in close partnership with the PTA and the School, HHEF will focus on funding the long-term needs and shared goals of providing our children with a first class educational experience.


How does HHEF operate?

The HHEF is governed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of dedicated parents, teachers, and other involved community members. The Board is responsible for all business of HHEF, including identifying long-term strategic priorities for the school, executing capital fundraising campaigns, communication with the partner communities, managing finances, and maintaining the budget.


How is HHEF different than the PTA?

The HHEF and PTA are organized very differently with respect to how they raise and spend money. There will be times when the HHEF and PTA priorities will overlap, so close partnership will always be a critical component of our shared success. While not exhaustive, here are some of the main differences:

Strategic Planning   Flexibility of Decisions   Use of Funds
The PTA budget may only focus on the current year's needs
  • The PTA's budget and programs are set at the beginning of the school year and allow for very little movement on decisions   • The PTA is bound by strict Federal and State laws which dictate how fundraising is achieved and how funds are implemented into programs
The HHEF is able to carry funds from year to year which allows for capital savings for large, costly projects   • The HHEF's decisions can be made, changed, or redirected as needed over the course of the school year   • As an independent corporation, the HHEF has no limitations on how it fundraises and can literally spend money on anything



Our Principles: What Guides Our Actions

Engagement of our greater community members outside of parental involvement helps to attract business and new educational nonprofit partners. HHEF will partner with the school to identify educational priorities while preserving and managing raised principal capital.

Our Priorities:
How We Will Succeed

We will fund teacher's ongoing professional development and Montessori certification that leads to better engagement for our children. We will provide the capital spending for technology that assists and enhances the educational experience in and outside the classroom. We will finance the improvement and beautification of the School campus to deepen the pride our children and community have for our neighborhood school.